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Horoscope: February 19th - 20th

Your new monthly horoscope is posted about two weeks before the start of the month and the previous monthly horoscope is kept in archive: July Horoscope. August Horoscope Decans pisces daily horoscope for january 23 Chinese Calendar of February Kool A. Looking for your December horoscope? Well, you're in luck! We've got all of your December horoscopes for the month and they're guaranteed to set your spirit free and maybe a bit more when it comes to love. Only if you want it, that is.

Perhaps things will start to pick up at work, too. December 21st marks the beginning of Winter with the Winter Solstice, which translates into colder weather and earlier nights. December Horoscope Predictions. Here we are once again presenting you with the last set of monthly horoscopes for December These astrology forecasts will prophesy how your life will be affected in the month of December. Forecasts Your December Horoscopes Life's a thot so smash. Abby Schreiber. A five-year drive. Consider the ocean waves, and how the moon's force guides them this way and that across the earth's surface.

Human life is an insane coincidence. We are an instance of the universe becoming conscious of itself, yes, old news but always worth review.

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Front me a pound of O. Kush, I got a couple projects, need some very negligible seed money. Who got joog on lean, the homie need weight, lost his plug a los feddies. Ay but fuck it, everybody got sob stories, do u mane. Buy urself a Rolex, u earned it. If u can't afford one, I guess u ain't earn it yet, huh? Also, who cares? U wana know what time it is?

Grind time, like always. This Aquarius season is really opening up a lot of knowledges to u. Communication is becoming increasingly easier compared to last year.


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This year is about the Libra throat chakra, oration, powers of persuasion, etc. But don't let the higher chakras overshadow the lower ones. One way to keep the lower chakras tuned up is thru the majesty of dance. Dancing is key. They don't want u to dance but I'm telling u, dancing is key to ur success.

Dance like nobody's watching. Put on ur red shoes and dance in the moonlight, the serious moonlight.

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Listen to that new Bowie album. Drink a mocha, eat a chocolate donut, buy some African daisies and plant them in front of ur domicile. Listen to some Mase. Listen to some Richie Valens. Watch less TV this month and listen to more music. Drink tequila and listen to Joaquin Rodrigo. Woman is the future of man. Man will go extinct. The Y chromosome is a dalliance, a brief hiccup in the expansive history of the universe.

Man is a brute and a beast, a violent animal. I know because I am one. Man wants to fuck or fight or get fucked up. Man's biggest flop was he created capitalism and its ills, and, sure, women be shopping and women do shop but it was man's thirst that devised the system of enslavement that is the mall. Pussy is a gift, a sweet sip o' lemonade so naturally man would thirst. And, being beastly, naturally man's gnarly breath will wilt the flower which it so desires, such is man and his clumsiness.

That's man's fatal flaw, he's clumsy. Man is so skrong that he is weak. Or, whatever, I mean dudes are O. If ur a woman,forgive a man in ur life, but don't forget. If ur a man, forgive urself.

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Contrary to popular belief, nihilism doesn't have to be depressing. In fact if ur a depressed nihilist ur doing it wrong. Nihilism is probably the most fun brain style because it's all like "no rules" and shit. Take the time and energy to sit and savor the simple things in life. A nice hot cup of coffee or tea, even in the morning or the afternoon, even. Petting a cat. A gentle breeze.

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Basking in the sunlight. Smoking pot and watching Terminator 2.

Kool A.D. Forecasts Your February Horoscopes

Taking a shower. A tall glass of ice water. Sag is a big Thin Lizzy sign. Big Motorhead sign, too, actually, so Lemmy's death probably hit u hard. But death is just transition and change.

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Fortunately a good artist never dies because they have already successfully transcribed their living soul into their art. Apparently for the first time in history, old music is outselling new music. Makes sense, new music is just old music all over again but shittier. We're all actually running out of ideas. It seemed impossible before but what with the internet democratizing information, flattening culture out into a heaving wall of noise, it's pretty much an eventuality. Don't hold back, literally do anything u want.

Stop making excuses for urself and just execute and materialize all ur ideas.

Kool ad horoscope december

Don't worry even though we might be the last generation to have original ideas left in us, let them all pour out. Creativity isn't something that runs dry from overuse, in fact it's the opposite, the more u create, the more ideas u have, if u end up running out of ideas, consider it an accomplishment. Who run the world? Beyonce said that some years back and it's true. Pussy is a hypnotic flower, responsible for the majority of high quality art and elevated consciousness in the world.