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Janiva Magness. Facebook Instagram Twitter. There is hope. By the time Nicole met Keith in , she had put aside any hope of having a biological child.

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But as is so often the way, letting go of the dream made it come true. At the age of 40, she discovered she was pregnant. Two years later, the couple had their second child, Faith, via surrogate. Nicole is keen not to discuss her children too much — the relationship with her elder kids, Isabelle and Connor, is said to be slightly strained by their decision to follow their father into Scientology — and she keeps her younger children out of her Instagram posts. It was unbearable.

She says she likes to nurture her on-set children, too.

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Was it intimidating acting alongside Meryl Streep? The storylines of season two are a closely guarded secret. Oh, I reply, does she not agree? And I think a lot of that is shedding, probably — shedding patterns of behaviour. Shedding old behaviours and inventing new ones: that sounds very much like Nicole herself.

Nicole Kidman keeps trying to get her Tom Cruise story right

Nicole with husband Keith Urban. She was born in Hawaii where her Australian father Antony was pursuing graduate studies, but she was raised in Sydney, the elder of two daughters. Her mother was a nurse educator and a feminist campaigner who used to take her young children to protest meetings. Very Catholic. She is a deep thinker, her sentences often looping back in on themselves as she tries to clarify a particular thought. She also struggles, as many women do, with saying no to people.

It does come back to responsibility to myself, which I usually put last. I get overwrought and sick. Is her husband good at spotting the signs?

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I love being around him. You are incredibly sympathetic to those in need, but most of all, you are incredibly persuasive. You know how to get your way! Leo, you are the leader of the pack. When you see something that you don't agree with, you don't hesitate to call it out and make it right.

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Nicole Kidman talks about "choice of career and love"

You are passionate and driven for adventure and chaos. You will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve your personal and career goals.