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Your partners know what they want, and they're going for it! Again, this could be rad, or a warning to revisit your boundaries and set some guidelines, too. An absolutely dreamy and romantic atmosphere arrives when sweet Venus mingles with whimsical Neptune on February think perfumed love letters, little scorpion! But again, your schedule is wacky, so keep plans flexible, especially when as sun connects with unruly Uranus on February While your plans might be hard to pin down, some conversations will reach solid agreements and commitments will be discussed when Venus meets with Saturn on February Also on February 18, Pisces season begins!

This is such a fun and playful time for you, Scorpio—but watch out for drama as the full moon a super moon! This will be major for your social life, as you are letting some friends go and moving into a new social circle.

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Fortunately, also during the full moon on February 19, Mercury will meet Neptune, creating a gentle and empathetic atmosphere around communication. Mercury will also connect with Saturn, so more helpful discussions about commitments and security will take place, too. Big conversations about money take place on February 22, an exciting time to discuss a creative project—or share romantic feelings—thanks to Mercury squaring off with Jupiter.

However, you must be careful of exaggerations!

February 27th Zodiac

Serious conversations are had—and yes, you will probably get what you want—but you need to be savvy about it all, especially since Venus will meet with Pluto on February 22 as well. Juicy information arrives as Mercury connects with Pluto on February 23—perhaps a sexy text, or it could be even more important than that! Good luck this month and see you in March, Scorpio! Astro Guide. Jan 31 , pm. Rather, saying nothing seemed easier.

At the time, it was. Make no apologies. Simply get involved. Be open but, also, ask questions. However, in one particular situation, things are becoming more urgent by the day, while you remain short of facts. The only solution is to, indeed, make flexible arrangements. Few things are more exciting than a completely unexpected offer. That confusion makes you wonder if you should sidestep it all.

This is about venturing into new territory. But things have changed. Nobody plans more carefully than you. Still, be wary what you say or promise. With things moving so swiftly, seemingly simple arrangements could suddenly become complicated or, equally, certain difficult individuals could get involved, and slow the pace. The line between catching up on the latest, that is, learning about what others are up to, and simple gossip is never clear.

Begin now with minor tweaks. Often, in fact, exciting ideas emerge from discussing exactly such issues. When reliable information or solid facts are needed, few signs are as thorough. Ignore them. Their comments are pure jealousy. There are many kinds of loss. Now, suddenly, this is disappearing from your life.

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Let it go. However, recent events not only forced these out in the open, you had no choice but to discuss them frankly with others. Their combination of insights and support has made a huge difference. Long ago, you learnt that certain individuals enjoy complaining. While that was annoying, you enjoyed their company enough to ignore it. Facts may be exactly that, facts. But during periods of swift and often unpredictable change, as is the case now, even seemingly solid arrangements will need to be rethought, and jobs redefined, possibly overnight.

For you, the current cycle of change, growth and development is already well underway, so decisions are really about fine-tuning. Sometimes change is best embraced instantly and wholeheartedly. The planetary setup on your birthday seems designed to get the best out of life for you, and with the minimum effort.

Take a deep breath and savour this lovely birthday gift from the heavens. Discussions with others will reveal they, too, are struggling. Usually, planning ahead is both wise and eliminates the likelihood of unwelcome surprises. Long ago you learnt that, often, differences with others are actually a wonderful way of understanding what makes them tick. But, on the other hand, certain of these issues are sensitive, and require both patience and understanding.

While this may be difficult now, what you achieve will justify the effort required. But not everybody feels the same way. Others are being difficult for the fun of it, no more. Tempting as it is to debate these matters, listen once, then ignore them and what they say.

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Your views are all that matter, not theirs. Details are always important. Rethink this. These, too, need to be revealed, and the sooner, the better.

Get others involved. Tempting as it is to brush this off as unnecessary, with the foundation on which arrangements are based shifting, and often frequently, the moreyou talk things through, the easier it will be for everybody to keep up with these exciting changes. Develop your skill at recognising such characters when you encounter them.

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Differences of opinion are exactly that, issues that can be acknowledged, then discussed. For now, the best solution is to agree to disagree. The issue is, the individual in question views life from a very different perspective than you.

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  4. This is especially the case now. Often in life, making progress in one area means ignoring another. Now, suddenly, those ideas are about to take on a life of their own. To you, as an inquisitive Virgo, asking questions is like breathing. However, some regard that instinctive curiosity as worrying if not a threat. When others make promises, often their intentions are good but their memory is short. Say exactly that, and do it now. This will clear the air.

    Long ago you learnt to spot those who use flattery to begin a conversation, then charm others into agreeing with their ideas. Rethink both.

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    Those who regard certain matters as deeply private, so refuse to discuss them with anybody, both puzzle and annoy you. Discuss it with the individual in question and with those around you. Sudden changes in certain longstanding arrangements are, of course, unsettling. However, one particular individual has turned this into an operatic drama. While being sympathetic may seem both right and kind, it would be best if you focused on what they need to think about, and do, then helping them take action.

    Sometimes disagreements are no more than that.

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