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One that protects and doesn't fear. We are in that time slot and slowly this will rise. Listen as your host, Chris Flisher discusses this with astrologer, Laurence Hillman. Will You Still Feed Me? Our bodies begin to wear out and our reponsibilities and desires slowly change.

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These changes are clearly evident in the astrology of the individual. Whether we trace the transits or the progressions we can see the impact of time.

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In this segment, join your host Chris Flisher as he discusses astrology and aging with Erin Sullivan. Saturn brings responsibility and accountability to the realm of the subconscious. Join your host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this topic with Benjamin Bernstein. This is called a cazimi. This alignment may affect you personally if you know your Venus star points and the coordinates of your astrology profile. This powerful alignment brings forth the bold, creative capacity we all have embedded in each of us.

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Listen as your host, Chris Flisher speaks with Arielle Guttman about this beautiful alignment. Whether that comes from familiarity or simply really being in tune with our surroundings and connections. This particular sign will manifest itself throughout the life of the individual. Whether occupation, calling, relationships, or the like, all will be comprehended once the rulership is fully understood and embraced.

Join your host Chris Flisher as he speaks with astrologer, Marguerite Manning on this revealing subject. Astrology lends a great deal of background detail as to how, why, where, and when events happened that shaped our destiny. Each of us gets a solar return every year at our birthday.

Other returns are significant for their own unique influences. Outer planets yield the greatest influence. So much so that they are often used in a complimentary fashion to underscore what we see unfolding ahead.

This year cycle can only affect an institution or an entity old enough to have survived that long. In this discussion with astrologer Ray Grasse, your host and astrologer, Chris Flisher discusses the implications of such an ominous cosmic event as seen through the lens of history and other great empires that experienced the same. One saros period after an eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Moon return to approximately the same relative geometry, a near straight line , and a nearly identical eclipse will occur, in what is referred to as an eclipse cycle.

Every 18 years, 11 days, and 8 hours, the cycle repeats. With the upcoming eclipses this recalls a time when this cycle occured before. Fake news as it has been come to be known as is real and pervasve and being driven by the most powerful influences on the planet. This comes at a time when the truth is harder and harder to find. As war drums start to beat, what could this entail?

What can we learn from incorporating these practices into our daily lives?

How can they provide greater insights? Join your host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this topic with astrologer and author, A. As Saturn and Pluto sink below the ecliptic and into the dark waters of deconstruction we are facing an enormous shift in our collective consciousness and abilities. We all have to cope with this and no one is immune.

There is some part of each of our lives that is going to drastically change. Join your host Chris Flisher as he speaks with astrologer, Michael Lutin. Using an ancient practice emmanating from the Tyrolean Mountains of Europe, this tool can shed insight into personality traits, strengths and weaknesses.

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Author Thomas Poppe explains this method to your host Chris Flisher. This is an archived show from Astrology, the kabbalah, the iChing, the chakras and others are all rolled into a single profile that provides enormous insight into the characteristics and potential for each of us. Reaching back 14 generations we can come to learn of our possibilities by understanding our past. Ryan will also put up a shield at those ignorantly attacking The Secret Teachings. In an effort to fuse his skills together, Chris also draws on his deep knowledge of astrology to create individual soul maps as well as healing mandalas.

Astrology provides direct insight into the characteristics of the person, while the spiritual art of the mandala reflects the tangible experience of the healing soul.

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Using these time-tested tools Chris is able to guide people towards fulfilling their true purpose. Uploaded by The Secret Teachings on January 19, Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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