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Shifting from Gemini season to cancer season be like pic. Oof , shots fired. Cancers are stubborn..

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If they are not feeling it.. Things are working out the way they need to be. Truly heartbreaking! I think it was cruel to designate Cancer which is the most sensitive zodiac sign to the group of people who had their birthdays over the summer so all their school friends would forget and by people I mean me. They rarely take a direct approach to achieving their goals , but eventually they get what they are after. Because of their sensitivity and moodiness, Cancers are often perceived to be over-emotional and touchy, almost to the point of clinginess.


A post shared by cancer astrology posts cancerviibes on Jun 19, at pm PDT. This Distracted BF meme says it all: trust is an issue for Cancers. Why are we like this?

They’re a little self-destructive.

However, according to this Me Explaining meme , Cancers are not the only zodiac with trust issues. A post shared by Soul. Origin The earliest known usage of the template was posted on November 29th, by Twitter user OfficiallyIce. There are no videos currently available. Top Comments Delete.

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Other people's observations were shady as hell.

Part 2. Taurus: Hey Capricorn, do you have a bag I can borrow?

Taurus: Literally all you had to do was say no. Virgo: I am…the s.

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  5. Taurus: … Explain? Virgo: The great depression ARIES, virgo, pisces, aquarius, gemini. Log in Sign up.

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    Nonsexual things the signs are horny for Aries: spiciness Taurus: befriending animals Gemini: having their hard work recognized Cancer: genuine human connection Leo: praise for doing the bare minimum Virgo: being sneaky Libra: clout Scorpio: coming home from work Sagittarius: bamboozling people Capricorn: total mental and physical exhaustion Aquarius: ignoring people Pisces: spirituality.

    Leo: bitch. Scorpio: Beans, are you plotting to kill me? Aquarius: You are the meanest familiar ever. Scorpio astrology astrology memes.

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    Sagittarius astrology astrology memes. Astrology Meme Time. Haha right?? The signs as Texts From Your Existentialist posts. Gemini: Sometimes I talk to myself for no reason. Gemini: Me too. Virgo and Capricorn venus in a meme. Each Sign's Biggest Flaws. Reasons why I love each zodiac sign: check sun, moon and rising Aries: Their childlike attitude is extremely adorable IMO.