Vesta astrology asteroid

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You may be fixed in your routines and work habits, but can consistently create tangible beauty, which is of great meaning to you. This is good for artists and sculptors. Vesta in Gemini: Your greatest service of work involves communication, coordination and networking.

Your words can inspire others to devotion and fervor, but there is a danger of using them to avoid emotion and intimacy. Intellect may predominate over feeling. Vesta in Cancer: Your devotion and service go most easily to those who need your nurturing.

Asteroid Juno in the birth chart and in synastry

You are a natural care giver, and thrive on being needed, loved and cherished. When you feel unloved or unappreciated, you withdraw and often refuse to communicate.


vesta asteroid

Vesta in Leo: You give your best service in work that is creative and original and allows you to shine. Your art may carry a deep, spiritual significance for you, and the need for self-expression is a passion. You are capable of flowing with great love and enthusiasm. You are forever romantic and courageous in love.

The Meanings of Asteroids in Astrology

You may become egotistical or self-centered if your love is not received or honored. Vesta in Virgo: Devotion to service may become a compulsion here, making you too serious and driven. Your devotion and sense of duty are excellent, but you may be unaccepting of human frailties in yourself and others, or suppress your sexuality because of impossibly exacting standards.

Learning to relax, laugh and play would be a good focus for you. You are a very capable and productive worker. Vesta in Libra: You need to work with others rather than alone. Interaction, cooperation and balance bring out your devotion and willingness to serve. You need equality in intimate relationships, but your need to be accepted and pleasing may prompt you to relinquish too much of your own personal preferences. Comparing yourself with others may foster competition, which can interfere with intimacy.

Vesta in Scorpio: You are very passionate in your devotional nature, needing depth of intimacy in relationships, and seeking absolutes in your spirituality. You may ignore sexual taboos, but may also be vulnerable to shame and guilt as a result, which could lead to repression. Vesta in Sagittarius: Your devotion is to a belief system or a higher vision of universal truth, and this is what inspires your greatest service of work.

You may have a lofty vision, but if you become fanatic about your own view, it may be an alienating factor in your relationships. Vesta in Capricorn: You have a deep devotion to duty and history, or cultural obligations. You work best in a structured and disciplined environment, and are capable of tremendous accomplishment and success. You need mutual honoring and commitment in intimate relationships. You may fear emotional involvement if it seems to entail a loss of control.

Vesta in Aquarius: Your devotion and service are stimulated by an ideal of a more just and humanitarian world, where freedom and individuality are honored. You work well within a group setting, with those who share your ideals. Personal intimacy may be non-possessive and non-committed, based on equal and open friendship.

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Your intellectual nature and emotional aloofness may be an avoidance of intimacy. Vesta in Pisces: You are dedicated to serving those in a situation of confinement or confusion, and possibly providing a bridge to the invisible dimensions for those in need.

There may be a sacrifice involved in your service, or a deep compassion for those who are suffering. Healing may be a focus of your intimate interactions, and your sexuality may be dedicated to spirit rather than committed to a given individual.

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  • You are so focused on 'finding yourself', or on your personal goals, that you may choose to forego long-term relationships of an intimate nature. Vesta in the Second: Your path of devotion is learning to manifest material abundance and security for yourself and loved ones.

    Vesta in your Horoscope

    You may go through experiences of limitation of pleasures and comforts, as a challenge to learn the art of manifesting through thought. Vesta in the Third: Your area of devotion is communication, seeking new experiences and knowledge and disseminating what you have garnered thus far. There may be some challenge or sense of limitation in your ability to communicate, in order to pressure you into clarifying your thoughts.

    Vesta in the Fourth: Your primary devotion is to home and family, and your sense of duty and obligation are very strong. You have always had extra work and responsibility within your home situation, and possibly a limitation to your freedom due to family obligations. You are challenged to find a practical and efficient approach to your domestic duties. Vesta in the Fifth: You are dedicated to creative expression, and may well be in a creative profession, or one that includes considerable public attention and recognition. You might at times pour your life force into your work, sublimating your sexual energy.

    You may experience denial of either romance or creativity, or be forced to choose between them. Vesta in the Sixth: Your devotion is focused on some form of healing, or learning techniques and skills that will enable you to perform some work that is of crucial importance to you. Vesta in the Seventh: You are very devoted to your primary one-to-one relationship, and issues of balance will be your area of challenge.

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    There may be conflicts over the issues of independence vs. Vesta in the Eighth: You are dedicated to transformative experiences of emotional and sexual intimacy, and delving into the realm of hidden or occult knowledge. Your desire is for an absolute sharing, perhaps a mystical union, and you may have great difficulty finding a partner who can match your intensity.

    Your challenge revolves around letting go of personal desires and the lessons of sharing energy and possessions. Vesta in the Ninth: Your highest devotion is to the search for truth and wisdom, and the dissemination of your ideal vision. You have the potential for fully realizing your ideal in the world of form, though you will be challenged to examine and broaden your belief system and avoid fanaticism, the belief that you possess some ultimate or final answer.

    Vesta in the Tenth: You are very dedicated to achieving your goals and attaining success in your profession or career. If Vesta is very close to the midheaven a spiritual destiny is suggested. You are disciplined, thorough and hard-working, but may have difficulty defining your goals or finding a fulfilling vocation. Vesta in the Eleventh: Your devotion is focused on a humanitarian or futuristic ideal of respect for freedom and individuality, and honoring of all life.

    You are most dedicated to working within a group of like-minded people, and may forego personal friendships at times for the sake of the cause. Your challenge is to clearly define and focus on your aspirations and ideal, so that you may be clearly directed toward them. Vesta in the Twelfth: Your devotion is of a spiritual nature, and to service with compassion and surrender. Your challenge is to accept the necessary sacrifices of your path in a spirit of faith and trust. You may have fears stemming from karmic memories, and fears of intimacy that manifest as a need for isolation and retreat.

    Banishing fear with faith is the crux of your devotional path. That way you can chart where they were at your birth, and also where they are now, by transit through your chart. But unless you have an understanding of their mythological and archetypal status in the Cosmic world, you may not realize how important they are to you, and how you can incorporate what they have to say to you astrologically into your journey of self knowledge.

    After all, the more you know yourself, the better decisions you can make. Pallas is the goddess of wisdom, and she is also the goddess of self-defense. Pallas sprang fully formed and armed from the head of her father, the king of heaven. Pallas is also an artisan, and is connected to the art of weaving. Pallas' symbol is the wise owl. She is in charge of defending herself and those important to her, and she creates objects of lasting beauty, through her love of fabric, and her skill with a needle and thread.

    Pallas is never the aggressor; she never strikes first, but she defends herself and those she loves. She is in essence the warrior queen, and the philosopher. Her closest astrological sign seems to be Sagittarius , and the house she most resonates with would be the ninth, the sector in our charts that relates to our philosophical take on the world, since we are all philosophers, even if we are not aware of it.