February 11 2020 leo astrology

For you, this year seems to be an exciting year, full of meetings.

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You will enlarge your circle of friends and, whether you are involved in a relationship or not, you will meet some special persons who will attract your attention for sure. Jupiter, the planet of luck and evolution remains in the house of love until the middle of the year, stimulating the courage and the personal charm.

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There are chances for the single natives to finally meet the right person, who will meet their expectations. The natives that are involved in a relationship feel particularly attractive and confident in their own strengths. Aware of their special seduction abilities, they might be tempted to have affairs.

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They are in for a tumultuous , exactly because they pay a special attention to their marriage. Those who are already involved in a relationship might be tempted, many times even, to have a love affair.

Leo Horoscope 2020 Predictions

And there are big chances of doing so, but the consequences will be dire. The natives who have a solid relationship are facing other problems, which can be solved if both partners are open to dialogue. The most peaceful and adventurous time is the first half of the year.

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  8. The single natives have chances both to start a new serious relationship and to accumulate many flings. Together with the Aries and the Sagittarius , fire signs as the Leo, they can form an unmatched couple when each of them let go of their pride. With the Libra and the Gemini , almost as exuberant as the Leo, they will form a balanced pair, because they match perfectly.

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    Uranus ensures energetic and intellectual support for you between and Innovative and electrifying, Uranus triggers an ample and progressive vision, it stimulates your creativity, your interest for knowledge, research or culture, and it encourages to travel, to get in contact with remote people or places, with original philosophies and thinking currents.

    Uranus guides you towards social activities and new discoveries, both physical and spiritual. Between and , you beneficiate from the support of Saturn. Saturn is a master of strategy and control and offers you the strength of character, realism, maturity, and tenacity — precious qualities to successfully finalize any activity.

    Professionally, between March-May of , everything looks fine: if you will pay attention to the opportunities they are offered, no major problems will be encountered.

    May is extremely good for you, which is when they can obtain the success they long awaited for. In money matters, you will have more stability in their lives and the problems of the past will no longer bother them. They will be able to obtain some credits more easily or even to finance their investments better than before.

    When it comes to money, they will heavily depend on others, but starting from May , money will be easily obtained and certain financial plans will be achieved faster, while some particular aspects of their career will bring them more money than they expected. With Pluto in Capricorn, they will be forced to make some important changes and at a more profound level than they are used to. An important matter here is that you must show patience because you can often be intolerant and stubborn, especially if they have a leadership position.

    The ambitious nature of Leo is justified during this year and, if they follow their goals, they can achieve many advantages.


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    Professionally, June and July will bring happy events: promotions, awards, merit diplomas and different gradations, but also new jobs for those want them. Reaching the second half of , you will enjoy some happy events, which will allow them to progress in their careers. With the help of Neptune, they will find the funding or they will obtain the necessary support to lunch different projects.

    It is possible for you to start a new successful collaboration or association.

    Use that to set goals for yourself related to abundance, career, and finance. That said, pay attention to everything that comes up throughout the day, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Everything and everyone is serving a purpose to your higher self, so even if they don't stick, allow them in as fleeting learning experiences.

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    Mercury retrograde is linking up with your ruling planet, the Sun, in a rare and special cosmic event today - and it's a prosperous moment in time that you could benefit from focusing on. Carve out quiet time to focus on your goals today so you can manifest the life you want. A cold or flu is really the universe asking you to go deeper into personal work.

    It starts from within. Face the fears now before January forces you to do some major shadow work! This has been heavily on your mind lately, and today is the golden doorway you've been waiting for. It's going to take work, but it's time to start stepping through it. Creativity is truly encouraged. The new moon cycle that's leading up to the Nov.

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    Along with that, you might find that your body is physically cleansing itself, symbolic of your spiritual work. Take everything as a lesson, and everyone who crosses your path as a teacher. Use your newfound free time today to focus on your next steps.