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You have a deep insight into human nature. This has turned you into some sort of expert in this area. People consult you when they face uncertainties. The good thing is that you never disappoint. You live up to their expectations.

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However, you have a few personality flaws that you need to take care of. Failure to do so will stifle your progress. For example, you have a weak will. You require a lot of convincing to do the right thing. Also, you need to be pushed to feel motivated. In addition, you are not very trusting. You are often suspicious of those who are closest and dearest to you. Now, how do you hope to progress without their support?

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Consider the ramifications of this! All in all, you have what it takes to move to the next level. Lay more emphasis on building your character. You have a strong character, but there is always room for improvement. Focus on this! March 15 zodiac people are in the 3rd decan of Pisces. They are in the same category as those born between March 11 and March The planet Pluto plays a central role in your life. As such, you reflect the better qualities of this celestial body. You are idealistic, creative, and determined to succeed.

You show the stronger qualities of Pisces.

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You have an innate ability for curiosity and compassion. You readily open up to other people, including strangers. You have no scruples about sharing sensitive personal information. Although is easy for people to confide in you, watch out that they do not abuse this privilege. All the same, you are pragmatic because you were born on March We associate your birthday with affection, devotion, responsibility, and talents. You can do spectacularly well in activities that involve people. Jobs like sales, marketing, politics, and coordination are easy for you.

People feel greatly attracted to you. Also, they readily confide in you. Although some people use these traits to commit fraud, we advise that you use them to launch your success. Lavender is the magic color of people born on March This is a soothing, though deceptive to some extent.

This reflects your personality. Use it prudently. Love and Compatibility for March 15 Zodiac March 15 zodiac lovers are very versatile when it comes to matters of the heart. What are the Traits of a Person Born on March 15? You are quite secretive, and you like keeping certain things close to your chest. This is a highly social vibration so you are sure to be the life of the party. You are always fun to be around! Challenge: Oftentimes you have difficulty finding what you want to commit to because your need for freedom and variety is so strong.

You must learn that freedom comes from within, so if you find something that you like, you must find the discipline to stick to it and find freedom within that. Also, you often learn from mistakes, so please understand that you cannot be perfect right away. Mistakes are part of the learning process and its OK to make them. As a Life Path 6, you are very sensitive to vibrations, and therefore wish for your environment and all your relationships to feel peaceful and harmonious. You are often highly idealistic, and find beauty all around you. You are strongly connected to music, colors, art, and anything that brings harmony and beauty.

You can pick up the energy of a person or room instantly, because you are highly intuitive. This Life Path learns best from relating to others, so they often feel the need to be in a romantic relationship. You love to nurture and are naturally good with animals, children, and plants. Challenge: Since you are so sensitive to vibrations, you dislike being criticized at all costs, and will often do anything to please people, even at your own expense.

You have especially high, if not perfectionist expectations of yourself, and often compare yourselves to others, and can think life is not fair. Trust is the key for you. You have a wonderful mind that loves to penetrate the truth of every situation, and therefore can make a great researcher. A Life Path 7 can read between the lines. You love to explore all of the mysteries of life, and can apply your mind to anything you choose.

You are connected to the Spirit in all things, and have a wonderful intuition. Since your mind is so strong and insightful, you are always picking up higher frequencies, therefore you require a great deal of privacy, alone time, meditation and introspection to process all of the energy and insight you are receiving.

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You are deeply connected to nature, especially water. Being in the expansive energy of the elements helps you feel at One with everything. Challenge: You often fear betrayal and therefore attract relationships where you are, in fact, betrayed. A Life Path 7 must learn to train your mind and develop faith in yourself, in Spirit, and the Universe. This Life Path can find reality too difficult and therefore escape into addictions or avoid commitment.

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Once you learn to trust your own intuition, you will attract more trustworthy people and circumstances and trust the process of life as well. As an 8 Life Path, you are a magnetic person who can make a great leader and organizer because of your ability to see the big picture of things. You also have a knack for managing people and projects on a large scale, and have the ability to make a great deal of money.

You are strong, both physically and emotionally, and your strength is often tested. This Life Path is passionate about everything they do. You like people to view you with respect. Challenge: You often fear your passions or power, associating these qualities with negativity or greed. You need to trust that your passions will lead you to your purpose, and being powerful with the right intentions can be in service of the greater good.

You can often feel victimized, or get so caught up in your career that you forget to take time to play or nurture your spirit. Since you are meant to learn to be a steward of money and power, and harness the infinite resources of the Universe, you can experience great losses as well as great gains. You can actively avoid money, responsibility, status or power due to subconscious fears that others will view you as greedy or domineering.

You are a natural teacher and counselor. Many see you as an old soul because you are. You are highly intuitive and have a strong connection to a deep wisdom within you, even if you are not aware of it. As a Life Path 9, you have the ability to synthesize vast and complex information to make it easily understood by others.

You are often very magnetic to others, as people are drawn to your innate wisdom. Challenge: You must learn to individuate and go against the grain. You often have family burdens that you have taken on, or feel a sense of rejection related to family or groups. What is your power and what is the cause of your problems? Psychomatrix and Pythagoras Square show personality dissolved into its elements. These can be weighed, measured, and — most important — understood. The inner essence will take a definite shape, and you will get it under control.

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