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The Aquarius Woman Personality - Good and Bad Qualities!

Oh, Aries, in you might have this attitude, so be aware. It's not that you'll have any shortage of romantic opportunities -- no, that's not it at all.

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It's just that for the most part, is shaping into such a banner career year for you that you might choose to put your heart on the shelf and focus on your climb up the ladder of success instead. As a result, if you're completely single, you might easily miss out on the opportunities for romance.

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Or, you might have the opportunity but lack the motivation to follow through because of all those late nights at the office. Even so, a Lunar Eclipse in your 5th House of Pleasure on January 21 will leave you with a turning-point situation in matters of the heart.

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For some, this is about releasing a love that has not served you well, but for others it's about releasing whatever is getting in the way of you finding that love. The bottom line is that if you want love in , it is available. You have to want it though, and you have to make time for it.

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Thankfully, the universe is here to help. When confronted with a challenge, you overcome it with mental fortitude and an attention to detail. Your friends and family admire this quality, but they may appreciate your loyalty the most.

Your commitment to those you love can be considered selfless at times. Your cardinal connection with Earth makes you active and a self-starter, but it also makes practical.

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You are realistic in all your expectations and goals, sometimes crossing into the realm of cautious. While your earthly prudence is one of your greatest assets, it can become detrimental if you fall into an overly conservative pattern, as you may miss out on valuable and exciting experiences. While Saturn, being the planet of control, is responsible for your discipline and responsibility, it is Mercury that connects to your ability to communicate and intelligence.

Your unique combination of planetary powers makes you far more intellectually driven than the other Capricorn Decans.